"Time-Space-Power" (1996)
                  "Dramascope" (1999)
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Founded in 1995, Dramascope (Bob Grisanti-Guitars, Tearle Ashby-Bass and Larry Levine- Drums and Percussion) embarked upon a 6 year journey which earned them status as one of the east coast's premier jazz-fusion bands.  Dramascope released their first CD, "Time-Space-Power" in 1996 which drew a great deal of attention and radio airplay.  Dramascope embodied the traditional elements and foundation of jazz-fusion while expanding its musical boundaries. Dramascope's self-titled second release took their sound to another level with a more pronounced explosive rock edge. "Dramascope" also drew critical national and international acclaim.
Wind Speed ("Time-Space-Power")
April To May ("Time-Space-Power")
Seasoned To Taste ("Dramascope")
Math By Numbers ("Dramascope")